🌟Height:                       5'4" (165)

🌟Weight:                      115lbs

🌟Measurements:          34D-22-35

🌟Eye Color:                 Black

🌟Nationality:               Korean

🌟Service:                     Companion

🌟Location:                   Markham

🌟Tattoo:                       NO

🌟Picture:                     For reference only

🌟In Call:                      160/30 220/45


🌟Out Call:                   Call Ask

NEW arrived Bong from Korean is a real gem for every gentleman who loves big tits, tall girls and beautiful face and ass. Nice double D tits are one of her strengths on her body. Great attitude makes gentlemen feel at home with her, and true GFE with her every second. 


 芳容丽质更妖娆,秋水精神瑞雪标. 韓國胸模特Bong 空降多伦多, 天生美腿加上小蛮腰相随,造就她引来无数腿控与腰控粉丝 完美比例的身材 笔直大长腿与黑丝乃天作之合。真正水蛇腰,大長腿,嗓音甜美,時尚性感會打扮,溫柔細心活又好。GFE加上完美服务的她带你体会人间两重奏,适合胸控胸控以及身高控的gentlemen。